Friday, May 21, 2010

More Than Just a Cup of Coffee

Love coffee? Besides being your typical morning-jumpstarter, coffee offers a multitude of health benefits too. Coffee junkies everywhere would rejoice at these facts, proving that there are indeed more to coffee than meets the eye.

Here are three of them:

=> It could cut down weight.
Caffeine, which is one of the top components found in coffee, is said to be a natural metabolism booster. An adequately generous fill of this substance is believed to kick up your metabolism. With the latter fully revved up, expect your body to burn fat faster. When this happens, of course, the weight would come off all the more easily for you.

=> It keeps your energy up.
Based on a study featured in the Journal of Applied Physiology, coffee taken in between workouts work your energy level advantageously to keep you going. Accordingly, studies have shown that it could helps raise your muscles' glycogen, energy reserves, to give you that needed boost for your following workout.

=> It can help deter liver cancer.
According to the findings of the research conducted by the National Institute of Environmental Medicine in Sweden, downing two cups of coffee daily benefits your liver by decreasing your cancer risk by 43%.

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