Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Merits of Keeping a Journal

Though I haven't journaled as scrupulously as I would have wanted to, never a week passes by that I do not yield to the lure of those empty pages beckoning me to spill my soul. I thought that the benefits of journaling only appeal to those with a natural affinity with words. But as it turned out, many researches advocate the health benefits of journaling, whether or not a person is naturally inclined to write:

=> It helps relieve stress.
What better way to perform self-talk than to pour one's thoughts and feelings on paper? Self-talking is a normal human compulsion whereby we process certain matters via talking to ourselves (done audibly or otherwise). For some, self-talking is done by chronicling their thoughts on paper. Either way, the benefits we get from doing it stays the same: automatic stress relief.

=> It sharpens thinking ability.
Thinking is imperative to writing. Regardless of what thoughts we are trying to digest or sort out via writing, the thinking process involved automatically means we are working to sharpen our thinking ability as well.

=> It hones writing ability.
Since journaling requires writing, doing it regularly instantaneously results to improve a person's writing ability.

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