Monday, May 17, 2010

Determining Your Child's Healthy Weight via BMI (Body Mass Index)

Wanna know what your child's healthy weight is given his height? Find out what his BMI (Body Mass Index) is. Though the same formula is used for telling the BMI of adults and kids alike, the process for the latter is a little more complex.

So, if you're planning to know what your child's BMI is, take note of these guidelines:

=> To start with, make sure that you get your child's exact height and weight.

=> In determining children's BMI, a growth chart making use of percentile lines is used. With it, you can tell if your child is just the right weight, obese, overweight, or otherwise.

=> For children below the age of 20, a different BMI chart is used. The explanation for this is the difference in body fat between those younger than 20 and those who are exactly 20 years old or older.

=> A typical healthy weight for a child given his age would have a percentile that would fall either on or above the 5th percentile, but no greater than the 85th percentile. If he is overweight, his percentile would fall beyond the 85th, but below the 95th. Beyond the 95th, however, means that the child is obese.

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