Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bet On Losing Weight!

If you're looking for an effective, surefire means to motivate you to shed weight, why not try betting on it? Well, you do not really have to gamble with someone just to kick yourself into dieting. You could also do it by making a wager with yourself. Accordingly, for some people, getting serious with weightloss becomes easier when money is on the line. A group of researchers headed by Kevin Volpp from the University of Pennsylvania attests to the viability of this idea.

And how exactly are you gonna go about this? Check out this step-by-step method:

Weightloss Ala-Lottery Style

=> Best when done with a buddy as your witness, set aside a sizable amount as the prize to be claimed once you have achieved your weightloss goal. Should you fail, the prize would automatically go to either your buddy witness or to charity.

=> Determine the healthy period of time you need to lose your desired amount of weight.

=> Give yourself some time to get ready mentally, physically, medically, and financially for the weightloss hurdle ahead.

=> Think: Would you be so altruistic as to let go of all that money in exchange for staying fat?

=> Start losing weight!

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