Friday, May 7, 2010

Why Would Some People Want To Gain Weight?

With the frenzied preoccupation most people have with dieting these days, I can't help but find it ludicrous to learn that some people are actually trying to accomplish the exact opposite of weight loss: weight gain. Why? Read these:

=> They're worried that they have physical abnormalities.
For most people, the slightest increase in food portions would mean instantaneous weight gain. Some, however, stay reed-thin and still hungry despite having consumed more than double the servings of a calorie-laden fastfood meal. Although I would've been more than willing to empty my bank account just to be like them, those with this uncanny condition consider themselves unlucky that they worry they could already be suffering from serious medical conditions/abnormalities.

=> They detest their reflections.
What do you know? If chubby people find it repulsive to stare at their mirror reflections with cellulite hanging out of their bodies, some skinny people actually dislike seeing the bones and ribs sticking out from underneath their skin too.

=> They need it to play their fave sports.
Well, it stands to reason that most sports require players to acquire sturdy, fit bodies to ensure optimum performance. For some skinny people, this is their prime motivation for weight gain.

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