Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Funny Facts About B.O. (Body Odor)

If you think that you smell naturally like infants or roses or anything fragrant, wake up and smell your armpits! Body odor is body odor. Apart from the blatant truth that smells vary and some people stink so much more than others, there is no denying that each of us has a distinctive, natural stench that no amount of perfume could change. But there's more to body odor than just being... Sniff on and be amused.

= Natural women's stench: Onions
Based on a study conducted by Firmenich, women's odor contains lots of sulphur compound. When mixed with sweat bacteria, the resulting odor is akin to onions.

= Natural men's stench: Cheese
So you think men stink more? It depends if you find cheese smell more repulsive than onions (women). Accordingly, men's smell has lots of fatty acid that when mixed with armpit sweat, the resulting odor would be similar to cheese.

= Body odor dictates sexual attraction for both sexes.
How would you like to marry someone who smells like aged cheese, or someone who reminds you of onions baking in the sun? Scientists say that odor is one of the major factors figuring out in sexual attraction between men and women.

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