Thursday, April 29, 2010

Keep Your Child From Becoming A Binge-Eater

As a binge eater, your kid is having emotional troubles that he could not address properly. With these come the unrelenting compulsion to binge that wreaks havoc to his weight, while leaving him feeling all messed up once the realization of his bad compulsion sinks into his consciousness.

Actually, binging is a means for people to vent their negative emotions. For some of us, our inability to address our personal issues and face or take responsibility for our own feelings prompts us to look for other ways whereby we could experience a form of mental release. This compulsion applies to adults and teens alike. To keep your kid from suffering further due to the adverse health effects of binge eating, try out these tips:

=> Speak with him heart to heart or spend time with him, so he gets the idea that you're always there for him to lean on in times of need.

=> Open his eyes to exploring creative ventures, which work to help him achieve mental release while sharpening his intellectual faculties at the same time.

=> Stress the importance of exercising regularly. Getting physically active releases “feel good” brain chemicals that help keep depression and anxiety problems at bay.

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Written By Maris Modesto

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