Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Three Common Diet Boo-Boos

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Slip-ups in your diet do not have to be major events. Often, many dieters' fallouts tend to be those hardly noticeable mundane occurrences. A little nibble here and a little gorging there barely count if they happen once in a blue moon. But when done frequently, the accumulated results eventually show when you hit the scales. Below are three common diet boo-boos:

Skipping breakfast

The early morning rush could mean skipping breakfast. But the downside to this manifests later on. Hunger pangs are bound to hit at the time when you have no access to healthy foods. The outcome: you gorge on whatever fares are available cholesterol-laden or not.

Losing control over family favorites

There is no avoiding the temptation of being exposed to family favorites, for you can't erase them permanently from your menu. Whenever they're served, the pressure can be so great that you might not manage to help yourself.

Not counting those nibbles

Munching on a few chips/cookies every now and then, especially while your attention is divided over another task, is typical among dieters. Indulging yourself without being wary of your portions and frequency could mean unnoticeable calorie overload in the long run.

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Written By Maris Modesto

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