Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dealing with the Three Common Diet Boo-boos

As a follow up to the previous post detailing the three common diet boo-boos, here are the suggested means you can try to address these situations:
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Skipping breakfast? Be prepared.

The best way to resolve the issue of skipping breakfast is to wake up early so as to avoid rushing. However, it can't be avoided that there would come a time when you would missing breakfast at home due to one reason or another. To best prepare you for it, grab healthy satisfying treats bananas, mixed nuts, granola bars, or low-fat cereals and yogurt) to eat on the run.

Serving your family's favorite for dinner? Practice moderation.

Going on a diet means having to endure the pressure of being exposed to sinful treats which could turn out to be your family's favorite. In better handling this temptation, don't deprive yourself totally. Help yourself to an adequate albeit smaller serving and do not come back for seconds.

Uncontrollable nibbling? Enforce strict self-discipline.

Mindless nibbling usually takes place when you're engrossed with other activities—doing the laundry, watching TV, reading, or working on the computer. To deter yourself, enforce stringent self-discipline and reserve eating for meal times only.

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Written By Maris Modesto

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