Thursday, March 4, 2010

Decrease Your Cholesterol Effectively

To keep your heart healthy, be wary of your cholesterol and sodium intake. The certified suggested amount is no more than 300mg of cholesterol and 2400mg of sodium. Besides this, it would also help to be wary of the following guidelines:

Steer clear of foods with refined carbohydrates.

Categorized as high glycemic, refined carbohydrates work to increase your body's cholesterol level, which in turn results to an increase in your insulin level. Once the latter occurs, you run the risk of acquiring heart disease.

Load up on fiber-rich foods.

Fiber, lots of it actually, is one of the common denominators of vegetables and fruits. This component, aside from other healthy advantages, makes fruits and veggies indispensable to a heart-healthy diet. Having them regularly allows your body to easily remove cholesterol.

Avoid transfats at all cost.

Because transfat acids raise your bad cholesterols while lowering their good counterparts, it's best to avoid foods that contain transfat. A diet rich in transfat automatically translates to a heightened risk of acquiring heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and stroke. Common foods identified to have lots of transfat are some margarines, processed foods like cookies and crackers, and fast food fares.

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Written By Maris Modesto

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