Friday, February 12, 2010

How Having Too Much Body Fat Works Against You

Beyond vanity, having excessive body fat could botch your physical and mental system. Keeping the excess pounds off is imperative if you want to stay healthy overall. To let you in on the facts concerning the adverse health effects of too much fat, read on.

-- It saps your motivation to exercise.

Because exercise outfits are usually contour-hugging clothing pieces, most obese women are deterred from joining group exercise regimens due to self-consciousness. When this happens, it automatically means that their motivation and confidence have dipped, which could keep them from including regular exercise into their health regimen.

-- Too much fat could make exercising painful.

If the attack on your confidence is not enough, excess fat can make you anxious of many things surrounding your chosen activity. With this comes the risk of experiencing more body pains from exercising as compared to women with normal weight.

-- Fat drags your moods down.

Whether having too much body fat leads to depression or vice versa, the truth remains that your moods are also affected. Accordingly, obesity could open you up for depression because of the physical limitations as well as the negative social response you get from the people around you.

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Written By Maris Modesto

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