Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Healthy Fast Food Eating Practices to Live by

Eating out? Before you dig in, stay mindful by practicing these healthy tips:

Take your time going over the menu selection.
Go over each dish description carefully and consider the ingredients and means of cooking used. Choose those with more veggies and lean meat. Avoid dishes with any of these labels attached: fried (pan-fried and deep-fried), crispy, scalloped, creamy, Au Gratin, and battered or breaded.

Gulp down your meal with H2O.
There's nothing like good old water (H2O) to make all that food go down smoothly into your system. Sodas and other softdrink beverages pack a lot of calories. If you want a bit of taste, opt for iced tea without the sugar or spike your water with a bit of lemon/lime/orange.

Keep your food as simple as possible.
By simple, you must go easy with the dressings, spreads, and creams. These have considerable amounts of calories. Even if you order a green salad, adding lots of creamy dressing or mayonnaise would more than make up for the calories you cut down by using veggies.

Be wary of your portions.
To help keep tabs of your portions, follow this simple trick: ask for a smaller plate.

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