Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Redefining Diet Purpose

Of course, it is expected that in following a diet plan, your primary aim is to lose weight. Although some people would prioritize reasons for health improvement over the latter, successful weight loss is the main goal for dieting more than half the time. Yet apart from shedding the pounds and improving health, the implications connected with weight loss have gone on to extend as far as boosting one's lifesavings and snagging the man/woman of one's dreams. Do these make sense?

The moment dieting transcends its boundaries, redefining your intentions and motivations becomes a must. To get started on the right track, use these hard facts as your guidelines:

  • If winning the affections of your dreamboat is your goal, know this: there is so much more to love than physical appearance. Physical attraction is only the tip of the iceberg. True love demands a great deal of acceptance.
  • If you think looks play a part in getting you that promotion, think again. It's your work ethics and efficiency that count most.
  • Looks and self-esteem/confidence are not one and the same. A person with a healthy self-esteem takes pride in his individuality regardless of the size of his waistline.

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