Thursday, June 3, 2010

Diet Tips For A Healthier Hair

A lot of people care a lot about how their hair looks, particularly women. To most women, a bad hair day can lead to a bad mood or a bad hair cut can lead to heated arguments with the stylist.

You see, having a healthy and good looking hair can contribute a lot to having a good self-esteem. It makes you feel more attractive, happier, and more confident.

Having a healthy hair is not only possible by frequent trips to the salon. In fact, you can have a gorgeous hair by just adjusting your daily diet.

The following are the recommended foods to a healthier locks:

* Eggs
Protein is the main compound our body utilizes to create silky strands. Turns out that one egg can give us almost four grams of complete protein.

* Lean beef
Past research showed that low levels of iron in the body can lead to hair loss. So if you want a thicker and healthier hair, try to add more lean beef to your diet.

* Flaxseed
Flaxseeds are known to be loaded with lignans, compounds that can reduce risks to high cholesterol and cancer. These are also found to be effective in preventing hair loss.

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