Monday, April 5, 2010

The Fallacy About Supposedly Sinful Foods

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How would you take it if you're told that the “sinful foods” you've crossed out of your food list are actually good for you? It's perfectly understandable if you feel like tearing your hair out upon realizing that the food you've sworn off for months is not only a diet “yes”, but also a health food with added benefits. Cutting to the chase, find out how your health can benefit from these once “sinful foods”:

==> Bacon
Don't be afraid of eating bacon unless it's not Canadian. Canadian bacon's are made from pig's loins—the leanest part. So you get the delightful protein-rich goodness of bacon sans the excess fat and calories.

==> Eggs
No need to avoid eating eggs. A study in Louisiana has confirmed that women who ate two eggs lost twice as much compared to those who don't. The explanation: the protein from eggs gives them a “fuller” feeling, which keeps hunger at bay longer.

==> Pizza
Who says pizza would make you fat? Choosing wisely, you can still enjoy its great taste without the enormous calories if you opt for all-veggie toppings with the thin wheat crust. Oh, and lest I forget: go easy on the cheese.

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Written By Maris Modesto

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