Thursday, January 21, 2010

Guarantee Your Heart's Good Health

Keeping your heart from literally breaking requires concrete health measures more than worth undertaking. Without having to go out of your way, you can easily guarantee your heart's good health by following these tips:

Tickle your funny bones.
The benefits of laughing your heart out goes beyond “feeling good.” As shown in studies, people who watched comedy movies have healthier blood circulation compared to those who watch dramas. So go ahead and have your ribs tickled every day. Experts advise getting at least 15 minutes worth of heartfelt laughter to ensure your heart's good health.

Never compromise your beauty rest.
Setting aside physical appearances, getting a complete good night's sleep is a must for overall good health, including the heart. As proven by researches, people who get less than the recommended eight hours of shuteye raise their heart health risk by 30%.

Moderate your blood pressure via Tai Chi.
Based on one study, doing Tai Chi effectively works to decrease blood pressure. Enroll in a class near you as soon as possible, and enjoy the calming physical and mental benefits of the slow, relaxed movements characterizing this internal form of Chinese martial art, which is originally intended for health purposes.

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Written By Maris Modesto

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