Thursday, January 14, 2010

It Pays to Be An Optimist!

When you're an optimist, life is so much better. Because your positive attitude fuels your enthusiasm for life, you're more appreciative of your blessings. Setbacks are seen as trials that double as opportunities to help you better yourself. And since no bad day is bad enough to get your spirit down, you look forward to experiencing life to the fullest with each passing day.

But beyond being a frame of mind, optimism has been confirmed to benefit you far more than what you think. According to the findings of various researchers, choosing to look at the world through rose-colored glasses does more than just conditioning your mind to be open to good possibilities. Since you are more attuned to the good things that come your way, you feel so much better about yourself. Furthermore, you are not easily overwhelmed by life's hassles. Find out more about how optimism could open doors for you by considering these facts:

- Boosted immune system promoting good overall health
- Long life
- Increased personal ability for better performance resulting to higher chances of achievement
- Better emotional/mental health
- More balanced personal perspective
- Reduced stress due to improved stress management ability

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Written by: Maris Modesto

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