Monday, March 15, 2010

Three Foolproof Diet Tips to Remember

For weight loss success, remember these three:
== Load up on lots of H2O and other beverages that are calorie free. ==

Usually, people confuse their hunger with thirst. So instead of drinking, they eat. To help make water taste better, try adding a wee bit of lemon/orange.

== Focus on what needs to be improved in your current diet than what should be obliterated. ==

When people diet, the first concerns would be what to take out of their usual menu. To better stimulate you into pursuing your diet plans, try giving a positive vibe to it by focusing on making improvements instead of changes. For example, you can try improving your menu by adding more fresh fruits and veggies as replacements for junk food or other not-so-healthy choices.

== Feed the hunger dictated by your stomach and not your mind. ==

When the mind is the one indicating the need to eat, specifically a particular kind of food, then that is what is commonly referred to as a craving. Cravings should never be confused with real hunger. They are dictated by your moods rather than your body. So to help you lose weight, listen to your stomach and not your mind.

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Written By Maris Modesto

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