Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Putting the Breaks on Emotionally Triggered Overeating

Nothing could compel a person to overeat than his negative emotions. To keep your compulsions in check, try these suggestions:

-- > When it comes to effectively addressing emotionally triggered overeating compulsions, nothing could be better than self-monitoring. Although challenging, it's only through your own efforts to keep track of your habits that you could study the pattern surrounding your eating habits.

-- > Once you've determined the instances whereby you are compelled to overeat, the next step would be to identify your feelings during these times. For emotional overeaters, a specific emotion would suffice as a powerful enough trigger. Others, however, have compulsions resulting from diverse negative emotions, ranging from irritation to rage and then sadness.

-- > After you've identified the emotions acting as your triggers, the next step is to find helpful ways to address them. But before you proceed, you should first manage to determine their initial onset, as signaled by certain indications like panting, tensions pains, etc. Afterwards, think of ways whereby you can prevent them from intensifying, which leaves you most vulnerable to overeating.

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Written By Maris Modesto

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