Monday, December 7, 2009

Diet Pills can be potentially dangerous

Many people who are frustated to loose weight and be fit again. Much of the diet advices you encounter may be misleading you, and some of it can be completely dangerous. These diet methods are through diet pills, fasting, skin patches, diuretics and electrical muscle stimulators. This methods if done in excess of what they use to they could be deadly or could lead to your death.

Diet pills contained phenylpropanolamine, a stimulant chemically similar to amphetamine so FDA are taken steps to remove this drug from these diet products. The researchers say that this drug can expose the users high risk of bleeding in the brain.

These can cause a range of mild dizziness, nausea or frequent urination. So be very careful in choosing the diet products. Don't let your loosing weight can turn into something else.

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