Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Catching that Subtle Sleep

Having trouble sleeping? Lying on your bed with eyes riveted to the ceiling, thoughts and feelings whirl endlessly in a confusing haze. Did you tried these known methods to fall asleep—drinking milk, changing bed covers, and counting sheep. However, that very elusive sleep is still nowhere in sight. The only choice left for you is to take sleep aid pills.

Recently, sleep has become one of the most sought after biological necessities that keeps on eluding millions of people throughout the world. Statistics shows that one in 10 adults is suffering from chronic insomnia, and one out of three person is experiencing a kind of sleep disorder.

However, sad to say, there are still many people who experience difficulty with sleeping and are still wondering is to why it is so. This is cause of their lack of awareness regarding the following reasons contributing to their inability to sleep and the extent of their dilemma.

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